CYVAC M without a belljar

A highly sensitive vacuum system designed to condition and polymerize or plasticize latent fingerprints. The CYVACTM 3A is the largest vacuum system chamber (40”dia x 30”deep x 82”height), its 3 tray system is designed to hold large evidentiary items such as long guns.

The CYVACTM system  is able to source fingerprints on weapons, polyethylene bags and other non-porous substances where others fail. The CYVACTM M chamber (16”dia x 54” width) is also available in an extended model (M-Extended) that provides a total width of 79. Other models Include, CYVACTM , CYVACTM 3A, CYVACTM M, CYVACTM M-1800-40-A, and WS-1500TM.